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Make stories on a platform
tailor-made for publishers.

Build a home for your content.

Atavist has everything you need to launch your publication. Write and design multimedia projects, make a website for your stories, brand content, sell access to work, track success with analytics, and more. We designed our plans for publishers to recognize the needs of organizations, whatever the size. Learn more about Atavist for journalists, brands, non-profits, and schools.

Shine a spotlight on your stories.

Whether you are publishing longform articles, releasing monthly issues, or putting out daily content, your website is where you can highlight the great work you do. Story blocks make it possible to showcase an array of projects, draw attention to your newest report, and group together related stories. Experiment with different layouts — lists, grids, heroes, squares — in an easy-to-update interface.

Control your distribution.

Here at Atavist, we think a lot about how organizations can best display, curate, and share content across the web. Choose how and where readers access your work: as a stand-alone post, on your Atavist website, in Facebook Instant Articles, or as part of your website's existing ecosystem. And if you want to monetize your content, sell story-by-story, by subscription, or put articles behind a flexible paywall.

Publishers know to use Atavist.

Publishing our award-winning The Atavist Magazine on the Atavist platform helped us develop the tools you get to use. And every day, amazing projects are made by our growing community of writers, editors, and readers. Among us are world-class publications like The California Sunday Magazine and Rhapsody Magazine, hardworking non-profits like Conservation International and the Pulitzer Center, students from around the globe, libraries and archives, journalists and photographers, and so many more. We believe that digital storytelling is a craft and are proud to offer tools that help our users make stunning work.

Explore the features available with Atavist.

We tailored our plans — Small, Medium, Large — to the size of your organization. View our Plans page.

Multimedia Stories

It's easy to include media — just drag and drop blocks of image, video, sound, maps, embeds, and more.

Mobile-friendly Websites

Control how stories appear on your homepage, and make articles discoverable with categories and tags.

Detailed Design

Play with themes, title designs, menu and navigation options, and templates to make stories readers want to share.

Complete Brand Control

Logo integration, custom URLS, and complete white labeling.

Powerful Selling Tools

Flexible paywalls, coupons, direct deposit, subscriptions, and data.

Team Accounts

Invite editors and contributors and work together on publications.

Analytics & Customer Data

Get page views, integrate with Google Analytics, or work with us to add an analytics suite of your own.

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles are perfect for readers who are browsing your stories in Facebook’s mobile app.

Help Desk Support

Any questions? Contact us at [email protected] for help, or to inquire about our support contracts.

Plans for publishers of all sizes.

It's free to sign up and explore. For more details, visit our Plans page.




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